Caden is 5!

“The first time his laughter unfurled its wings in the wind, we knew the world would never be the same” Brian Andreas

I blinked and you were 5. You were just sleeping on my chest and now you’re 41.25″ and 39 pounds. You have given me so much joy and have made me so proud over and over again. You are incredibly happy and have the best smile. You are extremely thoughtful and kind and honest and you always want to help your Mommy. I love your complete adoration for me and that you call me Mama, because I realize this won’t last forever. I hate to see you get hurt, but I love that I am the only person who can make the ouchie go away within seconds of being in my arms. I love that you enjoy biking with me. You are such a rule follower and have the sweetest heart. You are beginning to read and are looking forward to kindergarten. You love gymnastics and playing the piano and our second baseball season has just started and I know that you’ll hit it out of the park, because your infections laugh and bright spirit is behind everything you do. You have a little something extra and Mommy can’t wait to see what amazing things you do in this great big world!
(Side Note: I just read this to Caden and he cried and said,”thank you, Mommy”. My little love has the biggest heart)

  • What color is your hair? BROWN
  • What color are your eyes? BLUE
  • What is your favorite song to sing? TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME!
  • What are your favorite snacks? GRAHAM CRACKS AND EXTRA CHEESY GOLDFISH
  • What is your favorite color? BLUE, SILVER, GOLD, RED, GREEN, PINK…EVERY COLOR
  • What animals do you like? ELEPHANT AND GIRAFFE
  • What do you like to do with Daddy? PLAY ON THE TV, PLAY LIGHT SABERS AND “FIGHT”
  • What do you like to do with Mommy? CUDDLE, COLOR AND BIKE RIDE
  • What is your favorite movie? STAR WARS
  • What is your favorite TV show? FULL HOUSE AND FULLER HOUSE
  • What is your favorite toy? YODA & LEGOS

Your birthday celebration this year included a bowling party with your friends and cousins, a surprise sleepover at a hotel for some swimming (your favorite) and a trip to Lego Land. We ended the week with a big family celebration at home with all your grandparents, aunts, uncles and most importantly all your cousins that you so adore. What a wonderful celebration! Happy 5th Birthday, Caden Joseph!

Class of 2029!

First Day

Our boy is in Pre-K! We had a drop off without tears and an excited little boy ready for school 3 days a week. This week starts a very busy week of school 3 days a week, tumbling twice a week and piano lessons. He’s growing up and he’s funnier than ever, but most importantly he is sweet, kind, caring and compassionate and we couldn’t ask for a more loving little boy.

Have a great first day, Buddy! xoxo

1 IMG_2335 IMG_2341 IMG_2356 IMG_2357 IMG_2358 IMG_2363

Last Day of 3-year-old Preschool

Once again, I am writing this about two weeks late, but better late than never is the moto I have adopted.

Notice his shirt…he’s wearing the same shirt on his last day as he did on his first day. I feel a growth spurt coming on any day now. xoxo

First Day of Preschool

Caden's 1st Day of Preschool 2014-09-04 022

Last Day of Preschool

Here a few pictures of Caden with his best buddy, Milo. Milo and Caden are two peas in a pod and I am so thankful that Caden has found a best buddy at school. His Mom has become my buddy too. I have a Mommy friend. GUYS!! This is HUGE! I have a Mommy friend and she’s not crazy. Let’s be honest, some Mom’s can be crazy (I just said “some Mom’s” so I don’t need any feedback about how Mom’s aren’t crazy and I’m insensitive…just the fact that you thought about responding to that sentence may mean that you need to reevaluate your level of crazy…just sayin’). Also, I’m not above saying that I have gone Mommy Crazy a time or two. Anyways, I digress, just enjoy these stinkin’ cute pictures of these two buddies. xoxo

Last Day of 3-Year-Old Preschool 2015 2015-05-21 003 Last Day of 3-Year-Old Preschool 2015 2015-05-21 014 Last Day of 3-Year-Old Preschool 2015 2015-05-21 045 Last Day of 3-Year-Old Preschool 2015 2015-05-21 051 Last Day of 3-Year-Old Preschool 2015 2015-05-21 061 Last Day of 3-Year-Old Preschool 2015 2015-05-21 071

May 2015, Goodbye!

Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-03 002

Dear May,

You, yeah you, the month of May…you need to calm down! Seriously, each and every year I know to expect you yet I am somehow baffled by how quickly you show up! You are just way too busy for my liking and this year you were no better than last year. Here is the hand you dealt me this year…

Caden’s 4th Birthday, Caden’s Birthday Parties (yes, two….AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!), Nephew’s Ramon’s Birthday, Niece Jenna’s Birthday, Mom’s Birthday, Dad’s Birthday, Mother’s Day, end-of-year preschool activities, 4 business trips and a million to-do tasks. Oh, and while we are at it, Caden’s daycare provider took the last two weeks of the month as vacation time and tee-ball started.

So, to recap, you have once again been a challenge and one that I dominated.

Adios, May! Sayonara! Don’t let the door hit ya!

Sincerely, Elizabeth

Friend Birthday Party #1, at Epic Air!

Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 015 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 016 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 017 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 021 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 031 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 033 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 039 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 042 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 043 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 047 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 056 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 060 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 069 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 074 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 077 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 080 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 095 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 099

Family Birthday Party #2,  At Home

Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 102 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 114 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 115 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 116 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 119 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 125 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 126 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 132 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 139 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 147 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 161 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 163 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 183 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 188 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 206 Caden's 4th Birthday 2015-05-09 214

June..two nephew birthday’s, one niece birthday, Father’s Day, my birthday, my sister’s birthday, camp starts, tee-ball continues, wedding anniversary….SERIOUSLY! I need a nap.

Disney World 2015


Our Disney World 2015 trip was absolutely amazing! The happiest place on earth was not a disappointment.

05.13.15 1020

Our week started in the most fantastic way. Knowing we were going to be in Florida we took the opportunity to meet Joe’s aunt, uncle, cousin and his fiancé for dinner one evening. Joe hadn’t seen his aunt in 20+ years and although Facebook does a good job of allowing us to communicate there is nothing like seeing, hugging and chatting with family. It was so wonderful to spend time with this delightfully funny family and get to know each of them. Aunt Debbie & Uncle Glenn were so kind and excited to meet Caden. I told Caden we were going to have dinner with Yaya’s sister, Debbie, and Caden asked, “What’s a Debbie?” We absolutely loved our time with you all and can’t wait to see you again in Chicago! (That’s a hint, hint Debbie…xoxox)

05.13.15 1053

We meticulously planned our trip and I am so glad that we did, because one thing I can say about Disney is that you have to plan, plan, plan. We booked rides we wanted to go on weeks in advance, booked dinners months in advance and all this planning allowed us to be very relaxed on the trip knowing that at one point we would experience all we wanted to experience.  Also, the longest we waited in any line was about 25 minutes and in Disney speak that’s like 2.5 nano-seconds.

Caden will be four next month and we felt this was a wonderful age to bring him to Disney World. He absolutely LOVED the rides; however, the characters in costume…not so much. By the time we had dinner with the characters he was kinda, sorta okay with meeting the characters as long as (1) they didn’t touch him; (2) one of us held him and (3) they signed his autograph book.

We went to the Magic Kingdom 3 times, we went to Epcot one night, we went to Hollywood Studios and we even went to Animal Kingdom. Here are a few tips…

  • Whenever anyone even mentions food you should eat. Eating often prevented us from having any meltdowns (mostly by me). When I am hungry, you feed me and Joe is a pro at gauging when I may be nearing a meal.
  • We would skip Animal Kingdom next time. There was not much to do there; the walkways are way too narrow and other than their safari, not worth the time. We did the whole park in about 3 hours.
  • Epcot is amazing, and Caden loved it; however, they do not have any rides for kids less than 40” in height. That didn’t seem to bother Caden. Eating and drinking at Epcot is a fantastic way to spend a late afternoon/ evening and the laser light show and fireworks at Epcot are worth the trip. We all enjoyed Epcot.
  • Hollywood Studios is a lot of fun if your kid is not afraid of characters. If you are looking to meet princesses, pirates and superheroes you can get up close and personal with all your favorites at this park. Caden’s favorite part may have been going to Pizza Planet. Again, characters are not his thing, but he may like this park better in a few years.
  • Book your Fast Passes at least a month in advance
  • The Magic Bands the parks use are TOTALLY worth it.
  • Plan on spending, spending, spending
  • Book your meals/ dinner with the characters up to 3 months in advance
  • Everything we read said to get to the parks when they first open and I would disagree. We decided to sleep however late we wanted and get there whenever we got there. One day we got here at 10:30 am and left at 11:00 pm. It was awesome. On some nights the park is open until 1 am so if you have a night owl, like I do, why stress yourself out with getting there so early.
  • In order to avoid the crowds, watch the fireworks in the back of the Magic Kingdom Castle (thank me for that one later). You see the exact same show.
  • Bring your own bottles of water.
  • Do the “boring” stuff, the People Mover in Tomorrow Land may be “boring” and “old”, but do it. You get a cool view of the park, especially at night.
  • Watch out for the spitting camel on the Aladdin Magic Carpet ride.
  • Eat, often. I may have already mentioned that one.

Here are a few of our favorite pictures from our Disney Adventure.

AK_BRIDGETOP2_7246029061 AK_BRIDGETOP2_7246029065 EPCOT_BACKSIDE2_7246534118 EPCOT_BACKSIDE5_7246542368 EPCOT_ENTR1_7246506930 Florida Vacation 2015 2015-03-21 535 Florida Vacation 2015 2015-03-21 547 MK_ENTRANC2_7243344131 MK_MERMAIDBRIDGEICONNC_7248181057 MK_MSCINEMA_7243968431 MK_MSCONFEC_7243386865 MK_MSGAZETT_7243992853 STUDIO_LUIGISGRG_7247304161 STUDIO_LUIGISGRG_7247304163Florida Vacation 2015 2015-03-21 407Florida Vacation 2015 2015-03-21 435Florida Vacation 2015 2015-03-21 419

A good time was had by all and we plan on going back again very soon! As an extra special bonus we celebrated Joe’s birthday while on vacation!

05.13.15 1237 05.13.15 1247

Funny is 4!

He is 4. I truly can’t believe our boy is 4 years-old. Caden is kind and compassionate and caring beyond belief. He is intelligent and inquisitive.  Joe and I often joke that I gave birth to a 60 year-old, because he just gets “it”. He has a knack for picking up emotional queues and strives to please.  Recently we had a conversation that went like this:

Me: Baby, please do not drop that. Mommy will be pretty upset.

Caden: No. No, you won’t be upset, because you’re a Mommy and you love me and you can’t be upset, but I won’t drop it.

His aunts called him precious and impressive. Byeee says he’s perceptive, loving, smart & funny and Yaya says Caden is unique and very loving.

I tell Caden that April showers bring May flowers and he is my May flower. He was also my baby born under the new moon signifying a new cycle, new beginnings and a rebirth. This year Caden’s birthday falls on the full moon…what a year we have ahead of us!

Here are his 4 year-old answers.

  • What color is your hair? BROWN
  • What color are your eyes? BLUE
  • What is your favorite food? BUTTER NOODLES WITH SHAKY CHEESE
  • What is your favorite song to sing? I DON’T HAVE A FAVORITE I JUST LIKE ALL OF THEM
  • What are your favorite snacks? MUFFINS
  • What is your favorite color? YELLOW
  • What animals do you like? I LOVE ALL ANIMALS
  • What do you like to do with Daddy? PLAY VIDEO GAMES
  • What do you like to do with Mommy? EVERYTHING
  • What is your favorite movie? BIG HERO 6
  • What is your favorite cartoon? PAW PATROL & EVERYTHING ON DISNEY JUNIOR
  • What is your favorite thing to do inside? PLAY DISNEY INFINITY WITH DADDY
  • What is your favorite thing to do outside? RIDE MY ATV
  • How old is Mommy? 13
  • How old is Daddy? 40

Sorry, I had to throw in those last two questions…this kid cracks me up!

Happy Birthday, Caden! We love you to the moon and back. XOXO Mommy & Daddy

Need a Laugh?

I haven’t ignored my blog for lack of material that is for certain. I have lots of material given to me daily by a 3-year-old who is quite entertaining and in case you need a laugh here are some conversations I have documented for your amusement.

Me: How are you feeling today?

Caden: I’m exhausted, but that’s not your problem.


After the time had changed Caden had a really hard time adjusting and would not fall asleep.

Caden: You’re getting upset with me when you should really be getting upset with my right leg. Everything else on me wants to fall asleep, but this right leg just keeps doing this (proceeds to do dance moves with his right leg).


After sitting at a red light for an extended period of time.

Caden: If the light won’t change and there are no cars coming you can turn on a red light.

Me: No, that’s illegal.

Caden: Every day I tell you the same thing and you never listen. I told you this yesterday too. I am so frustrated.


I am slightly hard of hearing and after asking Caden “what?” too many times he responded with:

Caden: You need to be a grown-up and listen better.


Caden: My favorite snack is a Fiber One Coffee Cake bar.

Me: That’s kinda odd for a 3-year-old.

Caden: Good thing I am almost 4.


While I am cleaning

Caden: It’s not clean unless you use Clorox.

Me: What?

Caden: That’s what the commercial told me.


Note: Gianna & Ramon are Caden’s cousins and he pronounces Ramon like Ree-mon.

Caden: Gianna told me that MoMo is Ree-mon’s middle name. I guess his name is Ree-mon MoMo. That’s a really funny name, but I’m not going to tell him that.

Additional Note: MoMo is not his middle name.


Note: Mary (named changed) is a girl Caden goes to daycare with. 

Caden: Mary was really naughty at Miss Kelly’s today. I guess she was inspired.


Caden: Where do my extra boogies come from?

Me: Extra?

Caden: Yeah, the ones I don’t want.


I washed and dried a crayon that was in Caden’s pocket and showed it to him.

Caden: My magic tricks have really been mixing things up lately.


Me: What letter did you learn at school today?

Caden: The kids learned about Q. I already knew about Q so I didn’t learn anything.


Trying to get Caden to eat dinner

Caden: How many bites do I need to take?

Me: 3

Caden: 3? Oh, 3 I can handle. I thought you were going to say 4.


Again…trying to get Caden to eat dinner

Me: Caden, did you take 2 more bites?

Caden: Yes.

Me: Really? Pinky promise?

Caden: Ummm… about a thumb promise? Okay, no I didn’t.


Me: Talking out loud

Caden: Mommy, lets see how long you can be quiet.


While I’m getting Caden ready in the morning

Caden: Mommy, you are the cutest jellybean I know, but I like it better when Daddy takes me in the morning.


One night Caden was afraid to sleep in his bed, because there was static electricity on his bed, blanket, etc. so we let him sleep in our bed.

Me: Okay Caden, it is time to go to bed.

Caden: Or you’re going to send me into my bedroom with an electricity blanket and cover me with it?


Caden justifying Joe’s snoring

Caden: Daddy got popcorn stuck in his throat so when he snores he squeaks. He can’t help it.


Me: Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate

Caden: (Screaming as loud as he can) Shake it off! Shake it off! Yeah, I know that song too.


Caden’s pet fish keep having babies

Me: Why do these fish keep having babies?!

Caden: Ask Siri.

P.S. I know how fish have babies!


Keeping with the Siri theme…

Caden: What day is it Siri? What is the weather Siri? Is it nap time Siri? Is it nighttime Siri? Can you sing me a song Siri?

Siri: It’s all good.

Caden: Did you hear her Mommy? Wasn’t that nice of her?


Caden: I can say aguss

Me: That’s good, but aguss isn’t a word.

Caden: Right, but if it were a word I could say it.


Here are just of few examples of what keeps us smiling and laughing every day with this funny and loving kid.