Is this thing on….

This is my attempt at a blog post….ask my very patient husband and he will tell you that this is a big step for me.  Caden has quickly changed his mother and has made me want to document everything he does and share it with the world. I already feel as if time is passing me by too quickly and as a working mom it goes by even quicker, or so it seems.

It’s almost impossible to express what the past 15 weeks of our life have been like.  Joe and I always knew we were fortunate; however, having our Caden Joseph has been the happiest time of our lives. Caden has transformed us from a terrific twosome to a fantastic family (yep, I am HUGE cheeseball, get used to it!)

We wanted to start this blog to share stories and pictures of the star of our family (no, not Joe!), to keep in touch with family and friends near and far, to share some of our parenting experiences and discuss things we are interested in. We each hold a master’s degree in finding the silliness in life and can laugh at almost anything. We hope our stories amuse and entertain you and our joyful boy brings a smile to your face as he does ours every day.

Welcome to Raising Funny….our family blog ♥


2 Comments on “Is this thing on….”

  1. Julie says:

    Cutest child ever!

  2. Wow Caden really has changed you! You called me “patient” 🙂

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