Feeding the Baby

We are quickly approaching the age in which we must begin thinking about feeding the baby “real” food and I’m surprised by how much concern I have regarding this topic.  I have so many questions and feel so overwhelmed. 

After reading so many different pieces of literature I believe that I finally have most of my answers, but am now faced with my next dilemma….jar baby food VS. homemade baby food!

In CORNER 1 we have pre-made, completely organic baby food – simply purchase, store in your home, open at your leisure and voila…baby is fed!

In CORNER 2 we have a guilty mother who only wants the best for her child and if that requires I spend each Sunday making baby food from scratch all day then that’s what I’ll do…I’m a good mother and that’s what good mothers do…I think.

 Lets just say that I have spent many hours comparing my options and this is what I have found:

                Pre-made Organic Baby Food ingredients: Apples & Water

                Guilty Mother’s Homemade Baby Food ingredients: Apples & Water

After I obtained this piece of information I thought….I’m on the road to freedom…jar food here I come and then my Dad entered into this equation.  I was visiting my parents and was casually talking over this dilemma with my Mom and in walks my Dad who says “the government is behind baby food”. I was not and am not sure what that even means, but back to the drawing board I go. 

 Here’s is what I determined….I’ll do what I can. I will gladly make as much homemade food as I can and do so as often as I can, but at the end of the day apples & water is apples & water. 

First taste of cereal didn’t go over very well!


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