Caden, Cousins & Corn

Last weekend was a first for our family….our first corn maze!

We visited a farm in Harvard, IL that has a 15-acre corn maze and hayride (good find Mom!).  We enjoyed this awesome Saturday with Auntie M, Jacob, Isabella, Ramon, Gianna, Grandma and Papa.  We had so much fun in the corn maze and of course, it quickly became a competition to see who could finish first…..lets just say that it wasn’t Melissa and her three little ones.  In fact, they may still be there! The winners were Jacob and Papa.

We then enjoyed a hayride which quickly put our little funny right to sleep.  We will surely be making this an annual tradition!

So, we’ve been to the pumpkin patch with the Hummrich Family, we went to the apple orchard as a family of three, and we’ve been to the corn maze & enjoyed a hayride with the Jorden Family….I’d say that Caden has had quite the extraordinary fall and is ready for Halloween!


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