Apps I Like

I am currently loving two apps.


  • Cost: $0 for Fooducate  and $3.99 for Fooducate Plus; the only difference is that Fooducate Plus has no advertisements
  • Purpose: The app allows you to scan any food product barcode and receive each items nutritional value. After you scan the barcode you will receive a letter grade for that item, receive the product’s highlights (good and bad) and you are given alternatives to the product you just scanned.   

Fooducate has taken the guess-work out of my decision-making process about what I buy and consume.  I’M OBSESSED with scanning everything!

 My next obsession is courtesy of my husband.


  • Cost: $0
  • Purpose: This app allows you to keep your shopping lists, to do lists, family calendar and journal all in one place and you can share these items with family members

Each time I hear of one of these apps that are supposed to “make my life easier” I am extremely skeptical.  I personally think that my notes on the back of old receipts do the job just fine, but I actually have to say that I LOVE this app.  We do not use the app for anything other than shopping lists; however, that alone has filled a gap we had in communication. For example, if I notice that we are running low on paper towels I will update the list (takes 3 seconds) and if Joe is at the store he will open the app and see that I have added an item and pick it up. It’s free, it’s easy to use and it’s an app that has made a difference.


One Comment on “Apps I Like”

  1. Thanks for mentioning Fooducate! The app is available for Android and iPhone. We also have a daily blog post about smart Food choices at

    Fooducate founder

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