Caden’s 1st Christmas

Okay, okay…I know, I have been a bad Mother Blogger! It’s just that I’ve really had nothing to write about, it’s been kind of boring around here….NOT! Hold on, did I just say “NOT”?! Strike that from the record. Truth of the matter is that we have been so extraordinarily busy with the holiday season that while I had sporadically thought about blogging, I just couldn’t get to it.

Caden was adorable in his Thanksgiving costume outfit. He was the cutest little turkey! He even tried his first “table” food on Thanksgiving. Joe have him a teeny tiny bite of mashed potatoes….he gagged, he choked, I freaked out and as long as he’s living under my roof he will not be eating mashed potatoes ever again (maybe that’s slightly dramatic, but you get the idea).

Caden & Nana (Great Grandma)

Mom & Lauren (AKA: Onie)

Jacob…pretending he’s mad at me…impossible!

Caden & Dada

Caden & Grandma

Caden & Auntie M

Caden visited Santa Clause the weekend after Thanksgiving and we were unsure about how he would react to the jolly fella….turns out Caden loved Santa, but he REALLY loved Frosty the Snowman. The people at Charlestown Mall were so kind and gracious with their time. They did not rush us and allowed Caden to spend quite a bit of time with Frosty and Santa. It was such a great experience and we will definitely be going back there in future years.

We celebrated Happy Hummrich Holiday (yep, that’s what we call it!) on the Saturday before Christmas. We love having the family over and boy (or should I say girl) did we have a lot to celebrate! Not only was it Caden and Evan’s 1st Christmas, but we also found out that Uncle Larry and Aunt Julie are having a baby. We are growing by leaps and bounds with 3 Hummrich babies in 2 years! Oh, and you’re not seeing double….we really did have TWO Santa Clauses at our holiday party. I bet your Christmas party didn’t have that!

Opa, Oma & Caden

Opa & Evan

Pretty Jenna!

Happy Hummrich Holiday 2011!


On Christmas Eve we traveled to Shorewood, Wisconsin to Lauren and Joe’s house as they hosted an amazing Christmas Eve celebration. It is very difficult to host Christmas Eve in an Italian family and I must say they did an amazing job! The food was Italian fantastic, the house was beautiful and the company superb. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and by this point Caden was kind of getting the hang of unwrapping presents. I think I heard him say, “bring it on!”, but I can’t be certain.

Melts Me ♥

I’ve got a matching set of blue eyes!

Jacob, Ramon & Caden

Great…now how is Santa supposed to come down that chimney!

Lauren & Joe

Wednesday Irene

Gianna Faith

Isabella Rose

Experiencing Christmas morning as a family of 3 was absolutely joyful! Let me just take a few seconds to brag about my amazing husband, because in the middle of this holiday season we also celebrated being together for 16 years. Now, Joe says it was Caden’s doing, but I think he may have had something to do with the turquoise blue box left for me under the tree this year. This gem of a necklace with Caden’s initial and birthstone melted me into a blubbery mess on Christmas morning. I cannot think of anything I will treasure more.

An airplane to visit Grandma Zoey!

I cannot believe that our besties have been living in AZ for almost eleven years and when we found out they were coming “home” for Christmas this year we were so excited! We got to spend Christmas Day with Uncle J and Auntie Wendy and having the four of us together with the little man is something that was beyond special. We will never forget that they were here to spend Caden’s 1st Christmas with him.

Caden & Uncle J

Caden & Auntie Wendy

We hope that you had an amazing holiday season with your families and that the new year brings you health and happiness. ♥ All Our Love ♥


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