9 Months

We made it! We were gone for 5 days in Florida, without Joe, and Caden and I survived! I’m not going to lie…it was difficult. Almost every night we used Facetime to talk to Joe and each time we hung up the phone Caden was upset that Dada was gone. It was heartbreaking! We were all very happy to be reunited .

I spent all week inside the hotel in freezing conference rooms while Caden and my Mom enjoyed the sunshine and 85 degree weather. I am so thankful that my Mom and Caden got this special time together. We arrived in Florida on Monday around 1 pm and by Tuesday evening the wonderful staff at the resort were greeting Caden. It was adorable!  

Caden is 9 months now and he’s semi-crawling (definition: he can crawl, but doesn’t see the need and hasn’t fully realized its benefits). He is also semi-holding his bottle (definition: he will hold his  bottle for everyone except me). He loves when you ask him where the light is. He is about 30″ according to the doctor which is comical considering that at 9 months he is exactly half my height! Caden is a thinker. He studies everything and is very serious. He rarely gets upset and when he does we encourage him to let it out, because it happens so sporadically. He continues to be an absolute joy and once he starts giggling it’s hard for him to stop (I can totally relate).  He loves the cats and pulling their tail is his #1 hobby. 

On a side note, I am in full 1st birthday planning mode! Wendy and I have our wheels turning and events like this is what we live for. I actually gave Joe his first birthday party task yesterday  and he actually thought I was kidding, because it sounded so crazy to him….oh, he has no idea what’s to come!


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