Getaway, Anniversary & Father’s Day, Oh My!

We spent last weekend in Lake Geneva and celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary a week early. The weather was absolutely perfect and we had such a wonderful time. On Saturday we rented scooters and had a blast! In true Joe & Liz fashion, we quickly turned driving scooters for the first time into a competition. We are two lunatics who found a rather abandoned country road and began drag racing our scooters.  I lost the first race; however, I had a slow start and I’m convinced Joe started slightly ahead of me (yes, we filmed our shenanigans!). I came back during our second round of racing and when I crossed the finish line I couldn’t even see Joe he was so far behind me (not really, but that’s how it happened in my head).  If there were a trophy I would have won it.

On Sunday we rented a speed boat and funny thing about speed boats, the driver (Joe) of the boat usually wants to go more than 15-20 mph. The funnier thing is when the passenger apparently gets SEA-SICK on a rinky dinky lake! Who gets sea-sick on a lake?! Poor Joe…I ruined our boating experience. I feel terrible about it and my pocketbook feels even worse.  That was an expensive lesson!

On June 16th we will be married 6 years. Happy Anniversary, Love! I love you with all my heart ♥ Our wedding day was amazing and spectacularly HOT! I remember it getting to about 95 degrees with 90% humidity, but while others could have done without the heat, we loved it! They say that you forget all the things that happened on your wedding day that didn’t go right, but “they” are wrong….I clearly remember calling the limo company when they were about 20 minutes late only to find out that they forgot to pick me up. I also remember being called to the dance floor to cut our wedding cake and Joe and I looking at each other in disbelief when we realized the cake we were cutting was not ours. 6 years later I’m about 90% over the whole limo thing, but only about 10% over the wedding cake fiasco. Errrr….I really wanted that cake! Oh, and a shout out to my mother-in-law….Does That Make Me Crazy?

Happy Father’s Day to all the good fathers and most importantly to the greatest father I know, my husband.  My wish is for Caden to know how lucky he is to have Joe as his Dad. I always knew Joe would be a great father, but he’s absolutely the best Dad I could ever have dreamt of for my son. Happy Father’s Day to my Dad, my wonderful father-in-law and my unbelievable husband! xoxo


One Comment on “Getaway, Anniversary & Father’s Day, Oh My!”

  1. Joe Hummrich says:

    Awww – thank you!

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