Sharing “The Day” with Wednesday

Anybody who knows me well knows that my birthday is practically a national holiday. I figure a day long celebration is never enough and my ritual would be to begin celebrating June 1st and celebrate the whole month-long, that was until my baby sister was born on  June 30th! At the tender age of 6 I was absolutely devastated that my sister was born on my birthday while everyone around me continued to remind me that June 30th was actually NOT my birthday. In any case, I was forced to slim down my celebration  to June 1st – June 29th. So, approximately 22 years later what does that same sister decide to do to me…..yep, you guessed it, she gave birth to her one and only child on my actual birthday! The nerve! In actuality, she gave me the best birthday present ever, Wednesday Irene or what I like to refer to her as The Official Birthday Stealer! Wednesday absolutely loves this title and just like me she is a little pistol. She’s girly, yet tough, sweet, yet she’ll cut you like a knife and wise beyond her 4 years. Happy Birthday Wednesday!! We love you so much you Birthday Stealer!

June 21, 2008
My Best Birthday!


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