Caden’s Play Place

Creating Caden’s Play Place was a family affair and I’m absolutely thrilled with the results!

When Yaya (Joe’s Mom) was in town we began designing the room and she braved an afternoon at Ikea with me to create the perfect play area for Caden. We measured and measured and measured again to make sure that our plans fit the space.  Barb was the ultimate design assistant.

Grandma ChaCha (my Mom….Caden doesn’t really call her this, but I think it would be funny if he did) then braved another afternoon at Ikea picking-up all the items and of course she added a few additional items to the room to give it a little more flair!


Papa (my Dad) built all the furniture and secured it to the walls. I figured that once he had some tools in his hands I could get him to do a few more things….fix the laundry room door, secure the DVD tower to the wall, fix the door leading to the basement, finish the laundry, do the grocery shopping…(okay, he didn’t do those things,  but I’m sure he would have if I had asked!).  Dad really did all the hard work. Thank you Papa!


Caden loves his train set from Onie and Wednesday!


This canopy over his table is perfection and when my Mom and I found it we were thrilled! The adorable table was made for Caden by Cousin Ashley

He was thrilled!

Rubber flooring he received from Uncle Nate & Aunt Andrea for his birthday

It is nearly impossible to find items that have Caden’s name on them so it was so nice of Oma to make this adorable sign for Caden. Thank you Oma!

When we revealed the room to Caden he looked around with his mouth agape and didn’t know what to play with first, it was quite adorable! I am not sure who was more excited to play in his playroom me, Papa or Caden!

Caden’s Play Place, Now Accepting Play Dates!


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