15 Months

Nark /närk/


Synonyms: Informer – Spy – Caden

Unknowingly, we have raised a nark. Caden, at the ripe ‘ole age of 15 months, is certain that he is responsible for letting everyone know if someone is doing something that he deems incorrect.  Even the cats are not safe from Caden’s narking. He makes sure everyone knows when someone is doing something “wrong”. It is very funny now, but we will see how his cousins enjoy this behavior as they get older.

At 15 months, body parts are a big deal! Caden knows his hair, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, knees, belly and toes. He is also interested in belly buttons and not so much his belly button as much as he wants to see your belly button.

My previously fantastic eater is still eating a lot, but he is a lot pickier than he once was and it is getting somewhat difficult to find things that he wants to eat.  His favorite foods are ravioli, chicken, any fruit, granola and Nutri-Grain bars, peas (sometimes), grilled cheese, pancakes & waffles. The one item we must have in our fridge is blueberries. We become panic-stricken when we realize that our blueberry supply is getting low.  Some people bribe promise their kids’ cookies, we promise Caden blueberries! The other day I used blueberries to lure him in from the outside.

Sleep is not something that is eluding us. During the week Caden has to wake up between 7-7:30am and on those days he definitely takes two naps, but on the weekends, and whenever possible, Caden will usually sleep until 9:30 – 10:00am and only take one nap in the afternoon that usually lasts about 2 hours. We are certainly not complaining! He will usually be in bed by 8:30pm and does not wake up during weekdays until we wake him up. Although we love the fact that he likes to sleep, I absolutely dread the day when we have to wake him up for school. He definitely got this from Joe!

We are playing pretend a lot these days and playing with a ball is his ultimate favorite. Our 15-month old is a chatter box! There are days where he starts talking when I pick him up from daycare at 5 pm and doesn’t stop until he goes to bed. I love it, but I just wish I could understand what he is saying. There are only a number of words he actually says that we understand and one of his phrases is “I did it”.

Me: Caden, who dumped all their cheese crackers on the floor?

Caden: I did it!

Me: Caden, who unrolled all the toilet paper?

Caden: I did it!

 Me: Caden, who hid the remote control?

Caden: I did it!

Thankfully, nobody has asked Caden if he has been involved with any local crime, because I think we all know what his response would be. 

 A 15-month old is fun and filled with tons of energy!


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