Let the Fall Festivities Commence!

What a beautiful fall weekend!

Friday was a perfect evening for some Sabres football! I have only been back to Streamwood High School a few times since graduating 14 years ago (14 years!?!?!? WHAT!!!) and going back to that football field brings back some wonderful memories. It’s fun to be nostalgic sometimes.

Saturday was gorgeous and I brought Caden to his Grandma’s house for a visit and we spent some time at the park with his cousins.

Sunday we made our first trip to the pumpkin farm/ apple orchard and this time we were fortunate enough to spend the afternoon with Papa. So much fun!Caden loved feeding the goats and sheep and he even tried a piece or two of the food he was feeding to the animals. He popped a few of those pellets into his mouth and before we could get them out he was going….yum, yum….hilarious! A little extra fiber never hurt anyone. xoxo 

He looked for a few pumpkins, but this was the one he chose

Loved the wagon!


I’ll pull it for you Papa

Having a serious conversation




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