Holy goodness….where have I been?! Well, I have excuse or no good excuse. The title of this post is mish-mosh, because that is what this is…one big mish-mosh.

Holidays (yep, that’s how far I am going back)….loved it, lived it, over it. I love the holiday season, but when it’s over, I’m over it. December 26th I took down all the décor. We had a really amazing Christmas. I did not over do the indoor decorations this past year, but Joe surely outdid himself with our outdoor decorations and he’s already planning next year’s light show spectacular. Our dear friend Andrea said she passed by Randall Road and couldn’t believe the light spectacle she saw and then realized it was our house. I love my husband. Funny totally enjoyed opening presents this year and he especially enjoyed throwing each piece of wrapping paper away…. piece by piece by piece.

It wasn’t long after Christmas that our household was stricken by that awful flu-like virus that was going around. It was absolutely horrific! Between colds and flu viruses we were down and out for almost a month.

Caden and my Mom joined me at a conference for work in Phoenix at the end of January and I was so paranoid about getting another virus that the entire time I was thinking…I wish I was just cool enough where I could get away with just giving the fist bump instead of shaking hands. I mean, Caden gets away with it 

The weather in Phoenix was definitely better than Chicago, but a little chillier than I would have like. It was wonderful to see TiTi, Uncle J and MK. Funny has become quite the experienced traveler. He pulled his own suitcase through the entire Phoenix airport all by himself.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It….The Hummrich’s now have a parrot! No, that’s not 100% true, but I am sure that most of you who have been around a toddler know that they sometimes resemble a parrot. On one particular afternoon the cat was acting like a child and Caden was acting like a parrot and Joe declared…”I would like everyone to begin acting like they are supposed to”. He kindly asked the cat to begin acting like a cat and asked Funny to begin acting like a child. He was absolutely serious and I was hysterical.

Funny is very funny at this age and extremely independent. He completes puzzles by himself and loves his flashcards. He loves to draw and color and has gotten really good at his fine motor skills. He loves books and balls and cars. He also LOVES his Buzz Lightyear and Woody dolls.

We signed Caden up for a music class and he really enjoyed it. We will probably go back in the fall once it starts getting cold outside again. He has been going to tumbling class since last fall and he absolutely loves tumbling. Joe takes him to tumbling class every Saturday morning and in his current class he is the youngest and certainly keeping up with the “big” kids. We may have a gymnast on our hands (do I hear college scholarship?).

Dare I say that the dreadful tantrum phase hasn’t hit us yet? I am scared, I sometimes see a look in my sweet Funny’s eyes and think to myself…oh crap, here it comes! Thankfully, this hasn’t happened yet.

Joe and I spent a week in Hawaii in March, it was fabulous. Thankfully my wonderful Mom watched Caden for the week. We had such an amazing trip, but certainly missed Funny. We all survived the week and had a fabulous time. It was pretty amazing.

Two! What…he’s turning two?!?! Who said that could happen so quickly! If you ask Caden how old he is going to be he says “TWOs”. It’s adorable. I will be sure to have an update next week with pictures and stories from Caden’s 2nd Birthday.

So, here’s the deal about birthday’s….they’re amazing. It is one day a year that is all about YOU! When I was a kid my birthday was made SUPER, SUPER, SUPER special and therefore, Caden’s will be exceptional. I can’t wait to celebrate this little boy who has made our lives even more amazing than we could ever have imagined.

I want to end this mish-mosh post by saying that I am eternally grateful and completely in love with my husband who is supportive, understanding and puts no expectations on me. He is the definition of partner and everything that is good in my life is because of him.


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