Play Date Nonsense

My sister recently made me aware that I am completely out of touch with the term “play date”. I honestly thought that a play date was when a parent was kind enough to have your kid over for a few hours while you were able to get a few errands done, chores completed or dare I say….get a pedicure. I mean, I honestly thought that you had a kid over your house (of course, only to entertain your kid), put them in a room to play and maybe threw them some cookies and a juice box every once in a while. Like I said, I am totally out of touch, apparently play dates are meant to be parent dates.

My sister says that when her kids are asked over for a “play date” the parent expects that you come with the child and stay at their house to essentially entertain the parent. What?!?!? This absolutely blew my mind. I certainly cannot be the only person who thinks this is absolutely ridiculous! This is insane! Who has time for this?!

Here’s the thing…when Funny is 5 and asked over your house you better know that I will be checking out the place the first one or two times to ensure I’m not sending my kid to a drug house, but after that there is absolutely no need for me to continue this nonsense.

In my sister’s instance, her daughter is 8 and each and every time my niece wants to play with her friend my sister, who has 3 other kids at home and another one the way, needs to accompany her child to this woman’s house and entertain her while the kids play.

Listen, I don’t even have time for my own friends and now I am supposed to entertain my kids friends parents? No! Not happening. I’m sorry, who thought that this was ever a good idea? I know who thought this was a good idea; Moms who don’t have their own friends! Don’t lie, when someone invites your kid over their house, you get excited, right? In my sisters instance, she’s like, “cool, one less kid to take to Wal-Mart with me!” I totally don’t blame her.

My hope, my wish, is that all rational parents ban together and stop this play date nonsense and please, for the sake of everything that is right in this world, please do it before my child starts school.


One Comment on “Play Date Nonsense”

  1. Vera says:

    Well, I am glad I am not the only one who thinks this is ridiculous.

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