The Older Funny Gets the Funnier Life Gets

The minute Joe walked in the door from work this evening Funny said, “I missed Daddy!” This proclamation melted our hearts. He was so sincerely happy to see Daddy and so was I. Two minutes prior to this Caden was ready for bed and calmly relaxing with me on the couch, but the minute Daddy walks in the house all bets are off.

There are things that you just don’t know about your spouse when you get married. You know that you love the person; you know that you mesh; you know that you enjoy their humor; you know you are attracted to the person and enjoy the same things. What you don’t know is what type of father they will be. You may have an idea, but in my case I had absolutely no idea that father’s like Joe existed.

As Funny gets older some of my greatest joy come from listening to their conversations and tonight was no different. Here are just a few of the phrases I heard come from Joe this just evening in response to Funny.

Awwww….man, why’d you have to pick our butt up and blow it my way?
Caden, Caden, Caden…please stop licking my face
I see a tiger up your nose

I love these two guys beyond words. I am continually astonished by my amazing husband who said the other day that Caden needs to learn that everything isn’t always funny. I gently reminded him that Caden is a Hummrich. Funny is in his DNA.


2 Comments on “The Older Funny Gets the Funnier Life Gets”

  1. Awwwww. … That really touched my heart to read all about funny and his funny daddy, I’m so glad you guys are sooo close and so very happy, I love you!!!!!

  2. Julie Blom says:

    This melted my heart…can’t wait to experience parenthood!

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