2013 Week 1: Chicken Nugget Charlie

Boy oh boy! We have one mischievous Elf on our hands!

Sunday: We woke up and found Chicken Nugget Charlie & Mr. Potato Head had a snowball fight while we were sleeping.


Funny: This is a mess!

I was asked to please put Chicken Nugget Charlie back into his box.

5 minutes later I looked over and there were no marshmallows, anywhere.

Me: Caden, where did all the snowballs go?
Caden: Right here, Mommy!


Monday: Chicken Nugget Charlie didn’t make it all the way home last night and after a long trip back from the North Pole he ended up in Daddy’s car!



Tuesday: Silly Chicken Nugget Charlie was hanging upside down!



Wednesday: Chicken Nugget Charlie spent the night at Auntie M’s šŸ™‚

Thursday: On the fan…around & around & around he goes….


Friday: Dinosaur wars!



Saturday: Really Chicken Nugget Charlie, really! That was perfectly good tp! This Elf has absolutely no remorse.




2 Comments on “2013 Week 1: Chicken Nugget Charlie”

  1. Oh I just had the best morning reading and looking at pics of chicken nugget charley… I just love it, it’s like reading a childrens book, but the best thing is it’s about my little love bug!!!!!

  2. Jeannette Jorden says:

    Oh Chicken Nugget Charlie is as mischievous as the family that adopted him!! What a wonderful week for him and my little boy!! And a wonderful way and story for Byeee to start her Saturday!! Can’t wait for week two!!

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