2013 Week 2: Chicken Nugget Charlie

Sunday: It’s a marshmallow world in the winter 🎶


Monday: It was a day of simple hide & seek, but with a slight twist. The day before Caden had thought he had lost “Little Woody’s” hat. Luckily, when Chicken Nugget Charlie returned from the North Pole he brought with him “Little Woody’s” hat (good idea, Daddy!)



Tuesday: Remember when you were a kid and the “tooth fairy” didn’t make it to your house the first night you put your lost tooth under your pillow? Yep, we nearly had a “tooth fairy incident”, but Daddy saved the day! Here’s Chicken Nugget Charlie hiding in Funny’s coat.



Wednesday: Chicken Nugget Charlie came back from the North Pole with a special message.


Thursday: We caught Chicken Nugget Charlie enjoying his favorite meal…candy canes and marshmallows. You thought his favorite meal was chicken nuggets, didn’t ya? As Caden would say “tricked you!”


Friday: Zip-lining! Whee!




Saturday: We think you’re a little too big for that gingerbread house, Chicken Nugget Charlie!



3 Comments on “2013 Week 2: Chicken Nugget Charlie”

  1. Once again what fun to wake up and read about chicken nugget charley and my previous Caden, what great ideas you guys had , I just love it!! I’m still smiling!

  2. Jeannette Jorden says:

    Oh boy….another wonderful week of adventure for Chicken Nugget Charlie and my Caden!! Getting closer to the big day….I am sure Santa has been getting great reports!! Can’t wait for next weeks update!

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