2013 Chicken Nugget Charlie: Week 3

Sunday: Fun-day!


Monday: Bathroom fun!



Tuesday: Chicken Nugget Charlie was caught drinking one of Caden’s coveted “moodies”!


Wednesday: Tea for two, please.


Thursday: Hanging with stocking Mickey.


Friday: Oops! Chicken Nugget Charlie didn’t move (Mommy fell asleep!). We did however visit Target on Friday and Caden spotted an entire display of elves.

Caden: Oh no! Mommy! There’s more Chicken Nugget Charlie’s!!! Get him!

I had to explain that they were elves for other children waiting to find their elf.

Me: See…that one is not Chicken Nugget Charlie, his eyes are brown. That one surely can’t be Chicken Nugget Charlie, this elf looks like it hasn’t eaten as many cookies as your Chicken Nugget Charlie.

Thankfully my story worked. Phew!

Saturday: Look out! Coming through!


Only a few more days with Chicken Nugget Charlie for this year.


2 Comments on “2013 Chicken Nugget Charlie: Week 3”

  1. Ohh, how awesome reading the stories, I’m going to miss my Saturdays waking up and reading about all the adventures! That was so cute about Caden seeing all the elves and of course your response to him, all the happenings with charley are just so creative and so much fun to read about!

  2. Jeannette Jorden says:

    Another wonderful fun week with Chicken Nugget Charlie!! I have so loved his adventures and Caden’s wonder with all of it….. I will miss reading about Charlie too…but so look forward to next year! Thank you Sweetie for sharing Caden’s Chicken Nugget Charlie’s adventures!!

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