Remarkable Memory

We are continually fascinated by Caden’s phenomenal memory. For instance, last April we went to my aunt’s house and Funny played with a ball and on Christmas when we visited her house again the first thing he said was, “where is the ball?”….remarkable!

Around the holidays Joe’s car was out of commission for a few days while it had some work done to it. Every single day since Funny has said “Daddy’s car working….Daddy’s car working”.
He will NEVER forget that Joe’s car was not working for a few days. EVER.

Funny remembers the name of each and every one of his trains and planes and the exact route he likes to take to the park and daycare; he remembers where he got each of his Hot Wheels and exactly where each of his toys belong and he even remembers the time last summer when Mommy let the phrase “booty call” slip and it quickly became Funny’s favorite go-to saying. Awesome. He correctly remembers jokes and the one he picked up most recently from daycare has given us a few laughs.

Guess What?
Chicken Butt.

He has even become so bold to think he can make that joke funnier by putting his own twist on it.

Guess What?
Chicken Butt Nuggets

-or also a favorite-

Guess What?
Booty Call Chicken Butt

Fabulous. I am a little proud of my comedian, because don’t lie…you also just laughed and for a 2 ½ year-old his material is pretty good.

We are so proud of Funny’s ability to recall information, retain information, memorize information, but somehow what we WANT him to remember somehow slips his mind. For instance, “Caden, you are not allowed to put your hands on your hips and stick your tongue out when we ask you to do something”. We have had this same conversation numerous times and yet each time we have this conversation it’s like the first time we have ever told him such a thing. At one point, Funny made a promise that he wouldn’t do this anymore, but when we remind him of that promise he responds with “When?”….again, I think he is perfecting his standup routine.

Me: You told Mommy yesterday that you understood that was naughty and you wouldn’t do that ever again.

Funny: I’m tricky!

Yep, a tricky little trickster you are little man, well-played. I wonder if Mommy can replace the phrase “booty call” with “don’t stick your tongue out when someone asks you to do something”, but I do understand that the latter doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

On a side note, I am completely unable to control my laughter and, like my husband, my Funny knows this about me and completely takes advantage of my giggle fits. Joe said, “you need to work on controlling your laughter”….that’s like asking the Pope not to pray.

Also, if Caden asks you what’s on your shirt do yourself a favor and don’t look down, because his intention is to make a grown adult look quite silly.


One Comment on “Remarkable Memory”

  1. That’s just tooo funny! I can’t wait to see him!

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