Today has been exceptionally challenging. It’s awful when you have a baby that is sick. It’s an absolute nightmare when you have a toddler that is sick. Nothing I do is right. Nothing I cook is right. Nothing, absolutely nothing is right.

7:00 am: Awake, Funny is coughing like a seal…not good.

7:03 am: Sneak downstairs to get a cup of coffee before going to get the miserable seal out of bed.

7:08 am: The MD I received upon becoming a mother confirms that Funny has croup, a fever and he’s telling me his tummy hurts.

The next few hours are a blur, I responded to work emails, rearranged my schedule for the day, got ready (no shower for me), got Caden ready, made an appointment with the pediatrician, straightened up, made Caden’s breakfast, fed Caden his breakfast and on and on. During this blur I asked Joe to bring the dirty towels downstairs so that I could do laundry later.

10:25 am: Brought Caden to the pediatrician for a 10:45 appointment. Doctor confirmed what I already knew…croup. He was actually quite joyful at the doctors office until they wanted to look down his throat and I had to physically restrain the child. Fun.

11:30 am: Left doctors office $20 poorer and with an upset 2 year-old who did not understand why there were so many Nemo’s in the fish tank. Here’s a tip to all offices with fish tanks: do not have more than two clownfish in your tank at any one time, please and thank you.

11:45 am: Trip to Walgreens where the “get” included a balloon that says “congrats”, a bag of M&M’s, a Hershey’s bar, a new Hot Wheels car and some Motrin.

We hit up the gas station and made a quick trip to get some chicken nuggets (Mother of the Year) and we are home around 12:15.

Keep in mind that this entire time I was getting yelled/ whined at continuously. I drove too slow. I drove too fast. I’m not an octopus who can reach to the backseat while driving and my favorite is when he asked me where the train was going and I said that it was going into town and he proceeded to cry for the next 5 minutes explaining why I was wrong. Oh, did I fail to mention that I was also trying to answer work emails during this entire time.

12:16 pm: “Can I have M&M’s?”, “Yes, after you eat lunch”

12:17 pm: “Can I have M&M’s?”, “Yes, after you eat lunch”

12:18 pm: “Can I have M&M’s?”, “Yes, after you eat lunch”

12:19 pm: “Can I have M&M’s?”, “Yes, after you eat lunch”

I think you get it.

12:45 pm: 8 M&M’s obtained after 3 chicken nuggets are consumed. Everything is a negotiation.

12:53 pm: Funny sees the Valentine’s Cards we bought last weekend and insists that we fill them out.

Me: Do you want to color them?
Funny: No
Me: Do you want to help me write your name?
Funny: No
Me: Do you want to color the envelopes?
Funny: No
Me: Do you want to put on the stickers?
Funny: No

Okay, so by saying you want to “do” the cards you actually mean you want to watch me do them while you watch Chuggington? Sure…why not.

1:45 pm: Sit with Funny in steamy shower

2:00 pm: Funny naps

2:03 pm: I try to shower, but there’s no hot water left.

I book my Mother-in-Law’s plane ticket to visit this spring, complete my expense report from my trip to AZ last week and respond to some of the 125 emails in my inbox while Teen Mom 2 is playing in the background only to make me feel normal.

4:15 pm: Funny wakes up crying. Crying continues for about 20 minutes for no known reason.

5:00 pm: Sit with Funny in steamy shower after arguing with him over if the noise coming out of his mouth is actually a cough. I can’t make this stuff up.

5:20 pm: I try to shower, but there’s no hot water left.

5:30 pm: Make two dinners, as I do every night, because Funny won’t eat our dinners. Fun.

Me: What do you want for dinner?
Funny: Hotdog
Me: Okay, hotdog
Funny: No! Not hotdog! Pizza!
Me: Okay, Pizza
Funny: No! Not Pizza! Tater tots!
Me: Okay, how about a warm turkey and cheese sandwich with those tater tots?
Funny okay?

5:50 pm: Caden, dinner is ready! I have some tater tots here!
Funny: I don’t want tater tots! Noooooo!!!

6:02 pm: Crap! I never did that load of towels! Better get on that.

6:48 pm: I sit down to eat.

6:52 pm: “I got poopies”

7:01 pm: Joe walks in the door and gives me a big hug that I surely needed.

7:20 pm: Joe and Funny go to the basement to play with trains. I clean the kitchen, put those towels in the dryer and finally shower!

7:45 pm: Take an IQ test and find out that my IQ is 160 and I qualify for Mensa. Everyone knows that these online IQ tests are BS, right? Just making sure.

8:36 pm: I am writing this blog…I need to check emails…emails…check emails…

8:45 pm: Receive text from Joe “Shit. I asked him to feed them fish. He fed them alright”

8:53 pm: I hear Joe yelling for me to help save the fish.

Yep, today has been extremely challenging, but how awesome is it that I was able to experience this challenge? Pretty awesome. Also, I am pretty sure that it’s bedtime for this Mom. Oh, nevermind…emails…emails…check emails.


2 Comments on “Croup”

  1. Awww…… What am amazing women you are…. Such a trooper! I feel so bad that our funny feels bad, but at least he has some amazing loving parents!

  2. says:

    You need to put this on Facebook!

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