Happy Birthday, Daddy! 2014

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Today is my Love’s birthday. Joe isn’t big on celebrating his birthday and that drives me crazy, but that isn’t going to stop me from bragging about him today.

This past Friday Joe was on a business trip and unable to put Caden to bed. This is a big deal to both of them. I knew that Caden’s nighttime routine was quite extensive, but I didn’t know the full extent until last night.

On Friday, Caden and I spent the entire day together. We went to the Bounce House and out to lunch with The Cousins. We went to Target (one of Caden’s favorite activities), played games, skipped a nap, took a bath and had an overall amazing day until I was putting Caden to bed and he said, “I am sad”. Of course I was instantly sad too. He explained to me that I had done everything wrong. I changed him wrong. I sang to him wrong. I completely did not live up to the nighttime routine he has with Daddy. I tried, I really, really tried, but Caden made sure I knew that I had failed. I was devastated.

Fast forward to last night when I joined Joe and Caden for their nightly ritual and that is when I learned the true extensiveness of Caden’s bedtime routing. Caden’s bedtime routine consists of a glow-in-the-dark light show; a picture slide show on the iPhone, singing songs with improvised lyrics, blankets tucked a certain way and many other small details that would require me to join them many more times to completely memorize. I should have taken notes. Definitely should have taken notes.

All of this just proved yet again that this guy I married is pretty awesome. He’s kind and loving and although I knew he’d be a great Dad he is not just great, he’s amazing.

Happy Birthday, Daddy! We love you so much. xoxo


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