All Aboard the CADEN EXPRESS!

Caden is 3. Caden is 3. Caden is 3.

Caden's 3rd Birthday 2014-05-03 033

I have to keep saying this fact over and over again in order to make it real in my head. My baby is 3!

Caden is caring and compassionate. He is a pretty chill kid. He is exceptionally sweet and quite funny, indeed. He is clever and inquisitive and has a knack of making everyone around him smile. Recently his preschool teacher asked if Joe and I could make a dozen more Caden’s. And boy oh boy does he love trains!

Here are a few questions I asked 3-year-old Caden and his answers.

  • What color is your hair? BROWN
  • What color are your eyes? BLUE, BUT I WANT THEM TO BE BLACK
  • What is your favorite food? STRUDEL
  • What is your favorite song to sing? ABC’S
  • What are your favorite snacks? FRUIT SNACKS, SCOOBY SNACKS
  • What is your favorite drink? MILK
  • What is your favorite color? RED
  • What animals do you like? GIRAFFE, HIPPOPOTAMUS
  • What do you like to do with Daddy? PLAY TRAINS DOWNSTAIRS
  • What do you like to do with Mommy? USE THE MIXER
  • What is your favorite movie? THOMAS THE TRAIN: KING OF THE RAILWAY
  • What is your favorite cartoon? THOMAS THE TRAIN
  • What is your favorite thing to do inside? PLAY TRAINS
  • What is your favorite thing to do outside? PLAY WITH BUBBLES

Oh, and the Magician was a hit! After last years Mickey Mouse “incident” I am happy that the birthday boy enjoyed this years entertainment a whole lot more.  

My 9 lb 3 oz 21″ Caden Joseph born at 9:49 am on May 3, 2011  is now 32 lbs 2 oz and 36″ at 3 years old.


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