Movin’ On UP

Early on our pediatrician told us, “Do not move a child out of their crib until it becomes unsafe and he tries to climb out, etc.” This was wonderful advice other than the fact that he doesn’t really know Caden. Caden would never try to climb out of his crib. He would never take the risk of getting hurt or falling. Never.  I often joke that Joe is Ben Stiller in Along Came Polly; he is constantly assessing risk and honestly, thankfully one of us does, and Caden is definitely his Dad. If Joe did not take the initiative to move Caden out of his crib he may have been sleeping in there until he was in 5th grade, okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, 3rd grade at best.

Although we have talked about converting Caden’s crib into a big-boy-bed several times I feel like it was just sprung up on me Monday night and all of a sudden the crib was no longer a crib and it was a bonafide big-boy-bed. I was a mess. Joe was excited. Caden was excited. Mommy cried. Caden gave me a big hug and said, “Don’t cry, Mommy” which only made me feel worse. My 3-year-old was consoling me. I removed myself from the room and allowed him to be excited with Daddy.

I wasn’t crying about the actual big-boy-bed, I was just overcome with emotion. I remember the day the crib was put together. I remember Joe’s Dad coming over, with his coffee in hand, ready to help build the crib and finish the baby’s room.  I remember being so excited watching Joe and my father-in-law complete the baby’s room and all the emotion which followed. I know that Joe was excited to have that experience with his Dad. We talked about the baby’s room for so long and there it was…a true baby’s room, crib and all.

Before Caden was born I sat in the rocking chair, with my gigantic belly, staring at the crib and imagining all the things a mom-to-be imagines. I remember the first night Caden slept in his crib. I remember the first time I walked into his room and he was standing up and his little eyes were peeking over the railing. I remember the first time I walked in and he greeted me with a “good morning, Mommy!” and I remember the first time I walked in after a nap and he said “I missed you, Mommy!” This is just yet another milestone that I am so thankful to have, but sad as well.

I knew we wouldn’t have a problem with Caden  getting out of his bed by himself; however, he did fall out of bed a few times the first night. After the first time he tumbled out I decided that sleeping on the ground next to his bed was probably a good idea. Even after falling out of the bed, and having a rough first night, he was still excited.  My sister, Melissa, gave me a good idea which was to put a pool noodle under his sheet to help him stay in bed and not fall out, because apparently the side rail wasn’t cutting it.  On a side note, I am notorious for falling out of bed. I mean, I honestly have fallen out of bed within the past year, so falling out of bed might be in his genes. Night number two was last night and he had no tumbles out of bed and is still excited.

I joke, but seriously, I feel like he will be 18 in a blink of an eye.  Just to be sure he’s still my little boy I brought him to Chuck E. Cheese last night. After all, it is where a kid (and a Mommy) can be a kid.

Caden 06.01.2011 2011-04-03 002

Day the crib was put together






Monday night (07.21.14)


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