Arizona 2014: Hi Logan! and San Francisco

Warning: This happened in August/ September….I’m catching-up.

Titi and Uncle J live in AZ and Logan does too! Logan Kane Grubbs was born on July 31st and is the newest member of our ‘Us 4 No More’ Alliance. Us 4 has turned into us Crazy 6 (still working on the name of our newly expanded alliance). More to come on adorable Logan…

Our vacation started bright and early on Monday morning when Joe and I woke up Funny at 5:30 AM to head to the airport for our 8:30 flight. Joe dropped us off at the airport, because he wasn’t meeting us in Arizona until Thursday, and Caden and I managed to get each and every piece of our luggage to the curbside check-in. Our luggage consisted of two of the largest suitcases you have ever seen, a car seat, a stroller, a backpack, a Lightening McQueen suitcase and yours truly was responsible for each piece, while also watching a 3-year-old…are you laughing yet at that visual? I was. Imagine the look on my face when the curbside check-in man said, “You’re going to have to bring this all inside ma’am…I can’t find you anywhere in our system”. I go inside to speak to a jolly happy gentleman (just kidding…he was a jackass) who looks at me with complete disgust and says, “Your ticket is for 8:30 PM”. WHAT?!?!? So, I call Joe and he turns around to come get us and within an hour we are back in the car headed home to rest for a while, before heading back to the airport. As Caden would say, “Seriously, Mommy?! Seriously!”

Arizona in August is HOT. I mean, very, very hot. We found quite a bit to do indoors from the Space Museums, to indoor playgrounds and even headed out of town to Prescott and Sedona for a few days when Daddy got to town.

Our little fishy was absolutely adorable and fearless in the water. Caden loves swimming!

Now, onto Logan….he is delicious and sweet and adorable and everything a baby should be and his parents beam with pride. Welcome Logan! We love you beyond words.

In September we traveled to San Francisco for a nice long weekend and it was surely nice to see Yaya.  This was our 3rd trip to San Francisco and this trip was the shortest with the nicest weather. We stayed right by water and were able to do some really cool cultural things like visit China town and go to a outdoor market. Caden rode his first cable car and had his first public bus ride. We rode the train (which was a huge hit) and enjoyed our weekend in California. Caden absolutely loves the Gold Gate Bridge so it would not have been a fulfilled trip if he didn’t get to see the majestic bridge again.

These trips we take are a lot of work and traveling with little ones can sometimes be exhausting, but the look on his face when he experiences something new or encounters people doings something different or interesting is worth it all. We are so fortunate to be able to go on these trips that I don’t take a second of it for granted. Next up…Disney World in March. Shhhh…don’t tell Caden, it’s a secret. He’s going to meet The Mouse, Mickey Mouse.























One Comment on “Arizona 2014: Hi Logan! and San Francisco”

  1. Joe says:

    I didn’t even see some of these pics. I love it!

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