Princess Sofia

It is true, there are some cartoons I like better than others. I do enjoy Princess Sofia. My Funny always says, “You love Fia, Mommy? You LOVE her?” and I typically respond with “As much as one could love an animated cartoon character.”

Yesterday after school Caden said to me, “You watch Princess Sofia while I’m at school.” I thought this was a question before realizing that he was making a statement. He announced to me that, in fact, I watch Princess Sofia while he is at school during the day. I responded with “I do not!” (yes, I was very unnecessarily defensive) and he said “Yes, you do. What else would you do while I was at school?”

At first, I thought this was really funny, but after thinking about it for a little while longer, I decided it really wasn’t that funny, at all. Does he really think that I would send him off to be cared for and taught by someone else so I could watch Princess Sofia? This isn’t funny, this is sad. I felt so awful that this is what he thought of me. Of course, this made me conclude that I am a complete failure as a parent. After carrying the weight of my failure around for a good 6 hours I said to him, “Honey, do you really think Mommy watches Princess Sofia while you’re at school, because I don’t” and he said, “No Mommy! That is so silly! I was just kidding!”

Sometimes I forget that I live with Mini-Joe and living with Mini-Joe means living in a house where laughter reigns supreme, jokes are never-ending and my Mini-Joe has already figured out how to get his Mommy pretty riled up. Good play my dear Son, good play.


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