2014 Chicken Nugget Charlie: Week 1

December 1st: Chicken Nugget Charlie filled Caden’s advent calendar with special elf chocolates.



Caden: At least he’s not a messy elf.
Me: What do you mean?
Caden: I saw he put his garbage in the garbage can. But, what I don’t understand is how he did it with such small arms.

Mommy fail! Lol!

December 2nd: Just like Caden, Chicken Nugget Charlie loves a lollipop!


December 3rd: Someone got caught eating the Gingerbread Men!


December 4th: This one was exceptionally hysterical, because Caden could not understand why Chicken Nugget Charlie would want to play the “old” Xbox when we have a new one downstairs.

Caden: He must not know we have a basement.


December 5th: Like Caden, Chicken Nugget Charlie is feeling under the weather.


December 6th: Chicken Nugget Charlie must be felling better. Looks like he is having a rough morning.


December 7th: Our Happy Hummrich Holiday celebration was a success & Chicken Nugget Charlie is still swinging from the branches!



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