December 8, 2014: My Husband Rocks!

This is not a typical Chicken Nugget Charlie update, because I simply could not wait all week to post this one. On Sunday afternoon we visited Santa and I, unfortunately, had to leave on Sunday night which meant that Joe was once again responsible for Chicken Nugget Charlie and his shenanigans.


I had previously purchased a Santa Pez dispenser thinking that it would the perfect item for Chicken Nugget Charlie to bring back from the North Pole the day after Caden visited Santa and, once again, I am reminded how amazing my husband is and what an amazing father he is to our son. He made sure Caden received his Pez dispenser this morning along with this special note he wrote for our boy.


Here is Chicken Nugget Charlie and Caden.


I told you…Joe is pretty amazing and even when I am not home he makes sure that he does whatever I would do if I were home….even if he does think it’s crazy, insane and over-the-top. I am beginning to think Joe actually likes my shenanigans.


One Comment on “December 8, 2014: My Husband Rocks!”

  1. Barbara says:

    Such an awesome beautiful story… It really touched my heart!

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