Happy New Year 2015!

Before Caden, or what Joe and I affectionately call BC, I was always indifferent about New Years. I am quite introspective and I am a goal setter. I would take inventory of what I have or have not done in the past year. I would dwell on all I have not accomplished, what I could do better, how I could be more successful, etc. I would constantly be sure that I beat myself to a pulp internally and then start all over again in the New Year. Healthy, I know.

AC, or After Caden, I enjoy New Years! I don’t have to think about all I have not done, because I look at my Funny’s little face and know that I have done a million things. I have played trains like a gazillion times, I have painted and colored and baked cookies and went to the park and played baseball and played with play-doh and built Lego’s and played superheroes and went on adventures and went swimming and biking and wiped tears and gave a million hugs and baths and kissed boo-boo’s and sang silly songs and taught lessons and laughed and laughed and laughed and played pretend and made a million meals and did a hundred loads of laundry and drove to school and admired craft projects and played board games and told jokes and rhymed riddles and potty trained and broke binkie habits and watched every episode of Paw Patrol and watched a ton of movies and counted to 100 a bunch of times and answered a million questions and went to a few dozen doctor appointments and…..oh, I am exhausted and feeling quite accomplished.

Happy New Year to all you parents and grandparents and care givers who have accomplished so much this past year! What a great job you have done.

All my love! xoxo



2 Comments on “Happy New Year 2015!”

  1. Barbara says:

    Oh My….. Such a beautiful story and so very true!! Happy New Year to my beautiful daughter in law, my handsome son, and my darling, precious grandson! I love and miss you all!

  2. Barbara says:

    Oh my…. Such a beautiful way of describing your happiness with your family!

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