First Snowfall of 2015

Raise your hand if you despise the snow, frigid temperatures and shoveling. Me too! But my dislike for all of the above did not matter to a very excited 3 1/2 year-old who just HAD to get outside as soon as he could this morning to play in the snow. As soon as my last bite of breakfast was swallowed it was time to bundle up and head outside to enjoy the first snowfall of 2015.

20150104-2015 Snowing-IMG_0070 20150104-2015 Snowing-IMG_0058 20150104-2015 Snowing-IMG_0057 20150104-2015 Snowing-IMG_0056 20150104-2015 Snowing-IMG_0050 20150104-2015 Snowing-IMG_0049 20150104-2015 Snowing-IMG_0046 20150104-2015 Snowing-IMG_0041

Pictures: Joseph Louis Photography


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